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At the Arizona Exposition, we understand that each event is unique, and strive to meet all of our client’s needs. We create affordable estimates tailored to your specific requests to help make your event a success.  Please note, all buildings and equipment are available for rent throughout the entire year with the exception of October and early November, due to the Arizona State Fair.

The Arizona State Fair has been an annual tradition since 1884, showcasing the best of Arizona and offering the most dynamic entertainment around. Millions of Arizonans have visited the Arizona State Exposition and Fairgrounds in the past 133 years. This year, the Arizona State Fair will run October 5th – October 28th, 2018 (open Wednesday through Sunday) and hosts a variety of fun-filled attractions, competition, food, and concerts for all ages.

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To book your event or speak to an event specialist at the Arizona Exposition and State Fair, click and fill out the “Facility Rental Application”.


Once your application is received, one of our event specialists will contact you to determine how we can help you with your upcoming event.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Venue Rental

Why Choose the Arizona Exposition?
Strategically located in downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Exposition is conveniently located to the major freeways connecting us to to all of the major cities in the Valley of the Sun. We give you the quickest access to the 5 million potential guests in the Phoenix Metro.

* Located 15 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

* Less than 5 minutes from Downtown Phoenix

* Hundreds of dining and hotel options in a 10 mile radius

* Less than 1 mile from I-10 and I-17

* Over 6,000 paved parking spaces on-site

* Large multi-purpose buildings with open floor plans

* A 14,000 seat air conditioned arena that has been hosting events since 1965

* A 5,000 seat Grandstand arena perfect for rodeos and motorized events

Who uses these facilities?
Nearly 66% of residents of Maricopa County visit us every year. We’ve hosted concerts, trade shows, job fairs, circuses and much more. Since 1909, communities throughout Arizona have come together on the grounds for entertainment, education, philanthropic, business, and social opportunities.

Do I need to do a Rental Application and what are they evaluated on?

All prospective clients are required complete a rental application. Applications can also be accepted by email, fax, or in person.

Rental applications are evaluated on:
* Conflict with pre-existing events
* Event feasibility
* Applicant’s previous event experience
* Availability of requested dates
The submission of a rental application does not guarantee dates. Event dates will not be held until the rental application is approved. So we may provide an effective plan, please allow two weeks for a complete evaluation of your Event Application.

When can I call an Event Specialist

An Event Specialist from the Events & Entertainment Solutions Department will be available to prospective clients to assist and to answer questions. Your Specialist will act as a liaison among all Arizona Exposition departments, state fire marshal, and you, our valued client, to determine the needs of any event.
After your completed venue rental application has been received, an Event Specialist will contact you!

Can you help with certain Equipment Needs?

The Arizona Exposition has a variety of equipment and staff to assist with your event. We will work with you to determine the amount of staffing and availability of necessary equipment to make your event run smoothly. Consult with us about equipment needs, and if we don’t have it we will recommend partners with a knowledge of our venue to help you.

How do you handle Security?

The Arizona Exposition employs experienced, uniformed, radio equipped, 24 hour security at no charge to the client. The security person is responsible for the entire grounds and is not event specific. Some events on the grounds do require unarmed and armed security, the Arizona Exposition has a list of preferred vendors but cannot provide this type of staffing. State certified law enforcement is also needed at special events, the Arizona Exposition event specialists can help you find out if they are needed for your event and can provide current rates.

Who handle First Aid?

State certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) must be scheduled at every event on the grounds to assist the public with any first aid needs. The Arizona Exposition reserves the right to determine adequate staffing levels. All first-aid services for the public must be scheduled by the Arizona Exposition. Contact the Arizona Exposition event specialists to find out the current billable rate and to help determine your needs.

How does parking work?

With over 6,000 parking spaces, the Arizona Exposition is able to host events of all sizes and even multiple events at once. During your event the parking lot will be staffed by our experienced parking attendants and the grounds security. The Arizona Exposition charges a low $8 for parking per vehicle and all revenue is retained by us. For you, as our client, you will be issued 50 free parking passes per event and more can be purchased at half price.

The Arizona Exposition grounds is able to provide parking for more than 100 RVs and motorhomes with full power, water, and sewer hook-ups. Please feel free to contact our specialist for more information.

Do I need Insurance?

The Arizona Exposition requires that you furnish insurance coverage (public liability insurance) in full force and effect naming you and your company as insured. We require that this policy must be submitted at least 14 days before your event. Our minimum requirement of insurance is $2,000,000 general aggregate and combined single limit of $1,000,000 per each occurrence. This certificate of insurance must specify move-in, move-out, and show dates.

The Arizona Exposition and State Fair must be named as additional insured as follows: The State of Arizona, individual members of the Arizona Coliseum and Exposition Center Board and the agents, servants and employees of the Board and State.

How do we work with the State Fire Marshall?

The State Fire Marshall’s office requires that a floor plan be submitted at least four weeks prior to an event. This floor plan must show aisle widths (8′-10′ depending upon building layout). The width of all exit doors must be kept clear of obstructions to a distance of 20′. Three copies of the floor plan should be submitted to the Special Events department. The Fire Marshal may inspect a show set-up prior to opening. All safety requirements as determined by the Event Coordinator must be as followed.
Any use of pyrotechnic devices, lasers or other special effects may require an on-site inspection by the State Fire Marshal or the State Radiation Regulatory Agency (in case of lasers).

Is there a Box office available?

The Arizona Exposition Box Office is an approved box office for all ticketed events. We will provide trusted, experienced staff and Box Office manager to handle all on-site ticket sales. All ticket sales, regardless of ticket format, are subject to a per ticket fee. If you are planning on selling tickets online please contact your event coordinator for more information.

Cash advances to the client from the sale of tickets prior to the night of closeout is not permitted.
Consignment tickets may be obtained for a group sales agency. The agency assumes all responsibility. All tickets and monies must be returned to the Arizona Exposition Box Office one week prior to the event. Your event may be issued consignment tickets. We will assume any unreturned tickets have been sold and will be deducted from settlement at full face value.
For all sporting events and concerts, Ticketmaster will be the approved ticketing system. We require 5 working days to put your event up in the system on sale with all finalized information.
For ticketed events hosted in the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the Arizona Exposition may charge a facility fee

For all ticketed events, a settlement will occur within 4 business days of the final event day via wire transfer.

A joint checking account is opened to receive all deposits of the gross ticket sales. Two checks will be issued out of the account:
One check to the Arizona Exposition covering any additional charges above your contract total
One check, via wire transfer, to the promoter for all monies minus the required holdback funds.
The Arizona Exposition by law is not permitted to issue checks to any third party from this account.
Disputed charges will be left in the checking account until a resolution has been reached.
A maximum hold back of $1,000.00 will be retained up to 60 days by the Arizona Exposition from ticket sales to cover expenses or damages incurred in connection with the contract event. These funds will be wire transferred to you once all final charges have been received by your event coordinator
Decorator Services, Audio Visual Equipment

We partner with both decorating services and A/V companies that understand our venue. The Arizona Exposition does not have this equipment available for on-site rental. If you are needing decorator services or audio/visual equipment, your event coordinator will be able to give you contact information for our preferred vendors.

What Communication Service is available?

The Arizona Exposition does not have internet, WiFi, or telephone services permanently set in all of our buildings. We do understand that these communication services are an essential part of a successful event. If you are requiring any of these services, please contact Century Link at 877.744.4416.

I have Novelty/Merchandise I’d like to sell can I do that?

All novelty and merchandise sales (i.e.. t-shirts, programs, and posters) are the exclusive right of the Arizona Exposition. Please contact your event coordinator for contract terms.

Can I do Catering and Concessions on the fairgrounds?

Food is an important part of the event experience for your visitors. Though during the Fair we are known for food on a stick, we have a wide variety of vendors that can meet a variety of needs. We will work with our current concessionaires to provide delicious food and refreshing beverages.

All food, beverage, and alcohol concessionaires must be run through the Arizona Exposition. We will retain any and all revenue from concessions. The Arizona Exposition is a Coca-Cola exclusive property and Hensley is the preferred malt beverage vendor. For questions regarding catering or concessions, please contact your event coordinator.

We want you here! Our convenient downtown location is adjacent to major freeways, allowing easy access. We provide affordable facilities, equipment, and a simple, effective approach to event management. Whether this is your first event or your 500th event, we are excited for this opportunity to combine our heritage with your vision.