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AZ Lottery Esports Call of Duty Dates September 18-19

Heads up gamers, the Arizona Lottery Cash Match Esports Series continues! Track down your duo partner for the LIVE broadcast, 100% online, Arizona Call of Duty 2V2 Cup hosted by the Arizona State Fair.

On Friday September 18 & Saturday September 19, the Arizona State Fair returns to host a Call of Duty– Modern Warfare 2v2 “Gun Fight” tournament. The “Gun Fight” mode features two teams of two players facing off in multiple rounds — the first to six wins the match. Every two rounds a new set of random weapons and equipment are chosen that all 4 players must use. There are no respawns – if any player is eliminated, they are out for the rest of the round. The Arizona Call of Duty 2V2 Cup is a two-day OPEN online tournament with FREE entry with over $3000 in the prize pool.

 Not ready to game but love to watch? You could win prizes from the Arizona Lottery and Arizona State Fair just for being a spectator on TWITCH.

Arizona Call of Duty 2V2 Cup | 2-Day Tournament

Day 1 – 8/18/2020 | Group Stage Qualifiers (BO3 – Best Of Three) | 3pm-8pm

Day 2 – 8/19/2020 | Playoffs Bracket (BO5 – Best Of Five Quarter/Semi-FInals | BO5 Grand Finals) | 12pm – 8pm

General Info:

To register:

  1. Visit to create a new player profile.
  2. After logged in, search for
  3. Register for the Arizona Lottery Cash Match Esports Series.
  4. After registering for the series, click on the event “Arizona 2V2 Call Of Duty Cup” to sign up.
  5. Note: enter your duo partner’s email address into the invite field for your ‘teammate’ to send a user friendly invite Group Stage Qualifiers & Playoffs are 100% online. After registering and completing your team roster on (, matches & start times will be visible from the event landing page the day of the event.

Your team will be randomly assigned to a group of 4-5 other teams, you will play each unique team in your group on Friday (Best of 3 matches); with the top (2) teams from each group moving onto Day 2’s quarterfinals bracket. (*note: Top 2 per pool if 16+ teams, Top 1 per pool if 32 teams+). Please utilize’s bracket/schedule pages along with Arizona State Fair’s discord channel, to be ready for your upcoming matches.

Top scoring teams (W/L/D) from each group will move on to a quarters, semi-finals, and grand finals playoffs on Day 2. (Advancing teams will also be seeded to playoffs bracket based on performance from Day 1, which will be visible on after Group Stages complete). This event will be LIVE streamed and commentated @ by @etoh


  • Entry: FREE
  • 21+ Age requirement
  • Sign-up as a team
  • Online on Discord during the event
  • If you do not have a partner, use the ASF Discord channel (#recruiting) to express interest forming a duo.
  • Note: Players will be required to join the ASF Discord upon registering through


  • Prize Pool: ($1,000 in Cash and $2,248 in prizes)
  • First Place: $500 + (5) Gamer Packs (5 admission, 5 Unlimited Ride Wristbands, 5 parking passes at Arizona State Fair)
  • Second Place: $250 + (5) Admission to Arizona State Fair (5) Unlimited Ride Wristbands 
  • Third Place: $100 + (5) Admission tickets to Arizona State Fair
  • Random Twitch Viewer Giveaways!
  • MVP!!! $100 + (1) Gamer Pack

Game Settings:

  • Game Default settings will be used for Gunfight.
  • Team Size: 2V2
  • Rounds: 6
  • Tournament Format: BO3 (group stages) | BO5 (playoffs)
  • Platform: PC, PS4, or Xbox One

Note: Make sure that Cross-Platform play is enabled (it is by default)


Each round in the tournament will be assigned a specific eligible map for the BO3 (3 maps) or BO5 (5 maps). Maps will be rotated and assigned based on a random draw of eligible map. Map announcements are made in Discord inside your group’s pool (ex. Pool 1A in Discord) *subject to change*

Player Eligibility:

Participants must be 21 yrs of age or older to compete in the Arizona Lottery Cash Match Esports Series. The Participant must have an Activision account and own a copy of Call of Duty – Modern Warfare, to use the multiplayer section of the game to compete.

Matches (

Due to the nature of online play, it is important that matches happen on time and as scheduled. Here are the following guidelines for online matches:

  • Schedules will be locked in the evening before the event (12am) in
  • Matches must start within 10 minutes of their original start time.
  • Should a player or team arrive tardy after the 10-minute wait time, their match will count as a forfeit, awarding point to present opponent.
  • Should a player or team experience technical difficulties that take more than 10 minutes to resolve, their match will be postponed if communicating with staff appropriately.
  • Live updates for matches will be available on the event page AND Az State Fair Discord. (

Hosting Games:

Participants will utilize the ‘Match Chat’ feature for their upcoming match on’s event dashboard. Once a team ‘checks in’ to their match, they will be able to communicate with and only with their opponents in the upcoming match. Here, they will communicate in-game invites to their opponents. Also, discord will be available to reach out to opponents who are not responding on match chat. Make sure to communicate inside your specific ‘pool’ on Discord for ease. (Pools will be assigned night before Fridays group stages).

Reporting Matches:

Participants are responsible for reporting the outcome of the match in event dashboard.

Please @staff or reach out to a tournament admin on Discord for any match reporting disputes.

Other Rules:

In-game observers are not allowed except for Tournament admins or casters.

Teams may have 1 Substitute that may fill in for an original team member should 1 member of the team be unable to attend or participate during their scheduled time.



Any form of cheating by any Participant will not be tolerated. Tampering with or modifying hardware (Modified controller, modified console, modified monitor, tampering with opponent equipment, etc.), software (Modified copy of the game, Modified console software, modified controller software, etc.), game connectivity (lagging on purpose, using a lag switch, purposefully leaving a game in progress, etc.) or abusing in game glitches to gain an unfair advantage over opponents. To dispute any acts of cheating, the player filing the dispute must capture the act of cheating using the console screen capture function and provide the captured information to tournament officials. Tournament admins will analyze the captured content and decide on an applicable consequence if the captured content results prove that the opposing player was cheating.

Game Outage, Game Reset, Technical Difficulties 

In the event that a game in progress experiences technical difficulties, a disconnect from a player or an entire team, a power outage, or any other failure in hardware or software, the following guidelines will be followed to resolve the dispute. Player(s) Disconnect If a player disconnects from a match, the match will be paused as quickly as possible in order to preserve the conditions of the match and an attempt will be made to reconnect the player. If the game clock continues, the match will restart if the match is less than 1 minute in.

If the match is past the 1 minute mark; the match will be restarted with similar points and time left to recreate the game before the disconnect. If the match is in the last 30 seconds, the match point will go to the team with the advantage.

Hardware Malfunction

If hardware malfunctions, such as a monitor outage, console outage, or internet outage, similar precautions will be taken as mentioned above in regards to match timelines.

Lag: If a match experiences lag momentarily, the match will continue as normal.

If a match experiences lag during a pivotal moment of the match, the Host/Tournament Officials will determine the severity of the effects on the match and either restart the match fresh, restart the match with limited points to simulate the match, or accept the results of the match, depending on the state of the match in question.

If the match experiences consistent lag throughout the duration of the match, up until the first minute mark, the match will be restarted. No points or advantages from the prior game will be valid or replicated in the new match. If a player is consistently experiencing lag, they will be given a warning and will be required to reconnect after the match in attempt to reestablish a good connection. If the player continues to experience lag, they will be required to leave the match, and depending on the severity, may not be able to participate in subsequent matches.


Players must be respectful of other Players, Tournament Admins, spectators, and sponsors:

  • Sportsmanship comes first.
  • Yelling, threatening, inciting, swearing, and using inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Esports are to be treated as a professional activity that display the best the sport has to offer.
  • Comments that are based on race, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical health conditions, or that are generally insulting or discriminatory in nature will not be tolerated.
  • Aggressive or violent behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Conflict or aggression with or towards other players will not be tolerated.
  • Any language, gestures, or behaviors that Tournament officials or event staff deem offensive will not be tolerated.
  • Players will receive a warning for displaying any of the mentioned behaviors or actions. After receiving 2 warnings, the participant will be removed from the match. A maximum of 3 warnings will be issued. Upon receiving a 3rd warning, the participant will be removed from the tournament. Tournament officials and event staff reserve the right to ban, restrict, or eject players at any time.

Spectators must be 21 or older to win prizes, which are selected at random during the live stream. Winners will need to contact the Arizona State Fair representative in order to claim their prize. Prizes will be mailed after proper documentation is received.

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