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Rides & Games

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Every fair has the RIDES and GAMES!! We have a ride and a game for every member of the family! From small tike rides to crazy gravity defying plunges from water gun races to basketball shots, we have it all!!

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Safe Ride Rules & Attraction Guidelines

The purpose of the Safe Ride Rules and Attraction Guidelines is to assist you in finding the rides that best suit you. There are many types of thrills at the Arizona State Fair just like there are many levels of gravity defying activities that you enjoy, this is to help you make a match.

Parents, you know your children best. Please evaluate the rides your child wants to ride and for everyone’s safety please be sure they understand and are able to follow the rules to enjoy the action of the ride. If your child is too afraid, please wait until next year. Please select rides for them that are within their capabilities and have them observe the action of the ride before they board.

What if you are not riding with your child and the ride rules/guidelines call for a supervising companion for your child? Please be sure the person you select is capable of supervising your child at all times. They must explain the rules to your child, and follow the ride rules themselves. This person must be at least 14 years of age and meet the height requirement of the ride.

ADA guidelines are available at any RCS Guest Service.

Please do not ride our rides if you are impaired by alcohol, drugs, or any other substance.

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