2017 Arizona State Fair Sponsors

2017 az state fair sponsor sanderson ford
2017 az state fair sponsor founder hotel
2017 az state fair sponsor tmobile
2017 arizona statute fair sponsor AARP


Our partners help us provide you all the fun that is “Arizona’s Playground.” With their support and commitment, we’re able to create the largest single Community Event for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

With over 2 million eyeballs, and over a million touchpoints, we provide partners one place to engage consumers while they are enjoying time with friends, family, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

“The more you stimulate the senses the more you are going to make a lasting impact on perception.”

Elissa Moses, President of US Neural & Behavioral Science Centre

Let’s be real, in the amazing digital world we live in, some things are better said face-to-face.  The Arizona State Fair has been making lasting impressions with people face to face for over 100 years!

New customers are the key to a company’s success.  Companies need to find new customers, win back the customers they’ve lost, and retain the customers they already have.  Experience Marketing magnified with a Hybrid Marketing push is a perfect way to engage with such customers.  If you want your customers to create a lasting memory that includes your brand, we can help.  We partner with some of the biggest and some of the smallest companies who serve Arizonians.

Let us create an opportunity to make an impact and engage your customers at Arizona’s largest single event.

Contact our Marketing Partnerships Manager, Shawn Anderson by Email or 602-257-7109.
The Arizona State Fair also works with Event Partnership and Miller Consulting.