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Over A Million Smiles

Remember your first visit to the State Fair? The blinking lights of the rides, the exciting sounds of the games, the flavors of cotton candy, funnel cake (Powdered Sugar!), and sweet yet savory corn dogs on a stick. Did you pet your first baby goat? Learn to milk a cow? Or watch the mud fly during a Monster Truck race?

As a teen, maybe you enjoyed a first date at the State Fair. Maybe you held hands during a scary ride, gave a quick peck on the Sky Ride, or showed your skills by winning a giant stuffed bear? (And carrying it all over the Fairgrounds as a trophy!)

Now, maybe you are at the age you’re taking your kids, or grandkids, and continuing the tradition. You’re enjoying the looks of wonder, squeals of joy, and ear-to-ear smiles of your loved ones.

It takes thousands of ideas, countless hours, passionate sponsors, workers, and volunteers, to make these memories for you and over a million other Arizonans.

Businesses like yours, that believe in supporting, educating, and entertaining our Community contribute to the success of each and every State Fair. Let us create a customized marketing program to help you grow your business at the largest single community event in our State.

Bringing Smiles to Our Community,


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Marketing Partnerships
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Our partners help us provide you with all the fun that is the Arizona State Fair. With their support and commitment, we’re able to create the largest single Community Event for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

With over 2 million eyeballs, and over a million touch points, we provide partners with one place to engage consumers while they are enjoying time with friends, family, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

View our 2018 Fair Demographic Trends.

Let us create an opportunity to make an impact and engage your customers at Arizona’s largest single event.

Contact our Marketing Partnerships Manager, Jen Yee by Email or 602-725-0730.
The Arizona State Fair also works with Event Partnership and Miller Consulting.