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Below are each of the livestock entries categories. Please note, forms are being added to the site on a regular basis. If your chosen competition has not yet been added, continue to check back. For each livestock competition, click on the appropriate icon to download the PDF application and all associated rules and regulations. This must be completed for EACH competition you wish to enter.

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Livestock Entries General Rules and Dates

The requirements and rules for showing livestock at the State Fair are found here.

Livestock General Rules

Look here for all the current health requirements and details for your animals and their entry into the fair.

Health Rules PDF

Here is a list of the important dates for livestock. Included, you’ll find deadlines for entry, arrival and release dates, as well as, dates for judging.

Livestock Dates

Test your judging skills here! It’s the contest that puts the kids on the other end of animal judging. Youth exhibitors judge a variety of species, all vying for the title Champion Livestock Judge.

Livestock Judging

The rules (in addition to the General Rules) for youth (ages 9-19) to show their animals and compete at the State Fair. 4H, FFA and other organized Arizona youth are all welcome to participate.

Youth Livestock Rules


The ultimate competition for Boer Goats and their owners. A breed of goat developed in South Africa for meat production, Boer Goats are judged on their confirmation and style. This show is open to Goat owners of all ages from all states.
Download PDF

The ultimate competition for Boer Goats and their owners. A breed of goat developed in South Africa for meat production, Boer Goats are judged on their confirmation and style. This show is open to Goat owners of all ages from all states.
Download PDF

Two prominent dairy breeds, Holstein, and Jersey, are on exhibit by dairy exhibitors. Cattle exhibited range in age from calves to cows that are already in production. Judges will focus primarily on udder quality and structural correctness along with other important physical traits.
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Sheep, Angora Goats and their wool are highlighted in this competition. Open to owners and breeders of all ages, various sheep breeds including Cheviot, Cormo, Cotswold, Merino, Southdowns, and lots more compete for Supreme Champion. A separate wool contest is also available as is a wool spinning contest.
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Chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys are all on display in this Department. A contest for youth as well as a contest for adults (open to all ages) focuses on all varieties. A turkey gobbling competition is also a favorite. Keep in mind; it’s the turkeys doing the gobbling!Download PDF

With nearly 100 breeds of Pigeons, the State Fair’s show is very exciting. There is a competition for youth (ages 9-19) and a competition open to all ages.
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Mini Rex, Holland Lop, and the amazing Flemish Giant are just a few of the rabbit breeds up for Best of Show. With two ways to compete – Youth (ages 9-19) or Open (all ages), there are opportunities for rabbit owners and breeders from all over to show off their best.
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Youth Competitions

4H, FFA and other organized youth bring their cattle projects to be judged by an expert. The elusive Grand Champion buckle and title are up for grabs!

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Got Milk? We do – in this competition of local Arizona Dairy Cattle owned by Arizona youth.
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7 breeds of Dairy Goats are highlighted in this Youth competition.
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Goats from all over Arizona are brought to the ring to be judged. With Grand Champion Goat up for grabs, the kids pull out all the stops.

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Not only are market lambs in the contest, but the judge will also review registered sheep, commercial ewes and feeder lambs.

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Showing off the Oink! Highly competitive youth bring their best pigs to the ring. With market barrows, breeding gilts, prospect and feeder pigs competing, Arizona youth swine exhibitors have their work cut out for them!

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Showmanship is all about the kids. After the champion animals have been chosen, the kids go back in the ring to show off their skills. Round Robin is the contest to match top showman from each species to determine who will reign supreme.

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Online Sign Up

We encourage you to complete your entries online. You can do so by clicking the “I Agree” link below after you have read and agreed to all rules. The rules may be found by clicking on each department above. Before you submit an online entry you must agree to the following:

  • I have read and agree to all rules.
  • I understand that, if I am entering an entry I must enter online and supply the office with any additional paperwork that is required per the rules and payment prior to entry deadline.
  • I understand that if I am entering an entry I must sign and submit a release of liability form with my entry ~ check your department above to determine which form to use.
  • I understand that no entry is valid until received in the Arizona State Fair office and approved by staff.
  • I understand that there are minimum system requirements for online entries and that this service may not be available to me or the department I wish to enter.

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Sale of Champions

Children ages 9 to 19 auction off their prize-winning animals and learn about the business of agriculture and livestock. Champion pigs, beef cattle, sheep, meat goats and turkeys will be sold to the highest bidder. After the market animals, Jersey Futurity Heifers will be sold to local dairymen! For information Call Jen Yee