Competitive Entries

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Thank you for your interest in the Arizona State Fair Competitive Entries!

Entries make our State Fair what it is. From Chalk Art to Cupcake Decoration Demonstrations, Fine Art Wood Carvings, and the photos of iconic and mesmerizing Arizona landscapes, we bring together the collective creative minds of our community. Below are each of the competitive entries categories. Please note, forms are being added to the site on a regular basis. If your chosen competition has not yet been added, continue to check back. For each competition, click on the appropriate icon to download the PDF application and all associated rules and regulations. This must be completed for EACH competition you wish to enter.

Please note, PDF files may take some time to load. We appreciate your patience.

If you require further assistance, please contact us at 602-257-7130.
General Rules and Regulations Competitive Entries


4-H Youth Development is an area where we highlight the amazing work of youth in Arizona that are active with their local 4-H club. This area highlights the various aspects of youth development that the children work on throughout the year.

2022 4-H Handbook

Run Of Fair Contest

Run Of Fair Contest Entry Form


Arizona FFA students show off their welding and building skills. From Accessories to Widgets and everything in between.

2022 AG Handbook


Jams, Jellies, Pies and Savory Recipes delight when exhibitors from across Arizona enter their unique twists on classic favorite flavors.

2022 Culinary Handbook


Succulents, roses, vegetables and more growth happening in your home garden. Bring us your unique container gardens or single stem flourishing flower for competition.

2022 Floriculture & Horticulture Handbook


The original true artisans of our homes come together to display their astounding works of art through quilts, afghans, wood art and more. Home crafters come together to showcase their unique home style through true blue ribbon competitions.

2022 Home Arts Handbook

Student Art & Photography Yearbook Competition

Students from all four corners of the state display the stunning artwork they have created throughout their school year. All children are welcome to participate in this free program.

2022 Student Art Handbook

Online Entry Instructions

Come experience and participate in the revamped Fine Arts Gallery. Amazing works of art from oil painting and sculpture to wood and glass mediums.

2022 Fine Arts Handbook


Step into a breathtaking exhibit of photos from across Arizona and the world. Arizona photographers take you on a trip through the view of their lens and compete against each other to win Best of Show.

2022 Photography Handbook