Community Stages



Be a Star on Stage!

Showcase your talent on one of our Community Stages during the Fair! From dance troupes to jazz bands, young comedians to local DJs, soloists to school choirs, the Community Stages across the Fairgrounds are an amazing way to demonstrate your skills!

You might even see your neighbor on stage!

Fill out the application for your chance to be part of your 2018 Arizona State Fair!




Community Stage FAQs

ANYONE!!! If you would like to show off your talents, you are more than welcome to apply. We try to book as many acts as possible. When we book, we do it on a first come first serve basis.

You can apply online here. Applications open April 27 and close September 28.

You will need to provide:

  • Name of the organization (if applicable)
  • Contact name
  • Mailing address (this is for all of your passes)
  • Phone number
  • Email address

AESF does not sell your information and it is used solely for the purposes of the community stage.

Yes, you will also need to know:

  • Type of Group. (School Affiliated, Dance School, Band, Solo Act)
  • Type of Performance. (Marching Band, School Band or Orchestra, Stand Up/Storytelling, Dance/Cheerleading, Band/Musical Act)
  • Number of performers.
  • Number of directors (this number needs to include chaperones too).
  • Number of vehicles. This number needs to be the number of vehicles used to transport the performers that you will need parking passes for. We are sorry but we not able to provide passes for all parents, friends, family members, etc. coming to the performance.
  • Number of equipment vehicles. These are vehicles that are used to haul equipment that will need close access to the stages. These passes are NOT for passenger vehicles. There is a limit of 2 passes per group.
  • Number of chairs if applicable.
  • Number of music stands if applicable.
  • Whether you need a keyboard for your performance.
  • Your 1st and 2nd choices for when you want to perform and your desired time frame.

This will vary by year but we try to give as many people the opportunity to perform. We try to have everyone perform only once. Typically, the only time someone will perform more than once is if there is a cancellation. If there are performance slots still available as we near the dates of the Arizona State Fair, we will announce on our social media pages and website that you can apply again.

We will once again be having three community stages. One is located north of the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum (Coliseum North Stage), one will be located in the Backyard (Wallace & Ladmo Stage) and the other will be located will be located north of the Backyard (Cultural Stage).

Yes and no, due to printing deadlines, Community Stage acts are not included in the printed program. However, with your approval, and the inclusion of a photo, we will include you in our digital program/calendar of events on

  • Tables = 2 tables
  • Chairs = 50 (more than this won’t fit on the stage safely)
  • Music Stands = We have 35 music stands to split between our community stages. This is all that we own.
  • Instruments = We provide one keyboard. This lives on one of our stages, and does not move. Please make sure you notify us if you need a keyboard.
  • Microphones = 6 microphones

The sound system that we provide is a professional sound system. You are encouraged to leave as much of your equipment at home as possible. You can plug into our system, which is run by professional sound techs. We do have CD players and can support MP3 players (iPod’s, etc).

This will vary depending on the type of group. Obviously, a choir can have more people on stage than an orchestra due to space. Typically, 50 people is a good rule of thumb.

  • Coliseum North Stage: 32ft X 32ft, Surface: carpet.
  • Wallace and Ladmo Stage: 32ft X 29ft, Surface: cement.
  • Cultural Stage: 24ft X 24ft, Surface: carpet.

Yes, there are dressing rooms for the performers to change in.

Things that we allow:

  • Instruments or sound equipment
  • Props for a show
  • Costumes

Things that we won’t allow, but not limited to:

  • Choral risers
  • Chairs
  • Large props

Ask us if you have any particular questions.

Please let us know ahead of time, so that way we can give others a chance to perform in that time slot. If credentials were mailed to you, please mail them back. If you don’t send credentials back you will no longer have the chance to perform at the State Fair in future years.

The Arizona State Fair is open rain or shine, and we expect the same of our stages! They are under tents and rain doesn’t phase them!

Yes, as long as they are weighted and not stapled/nailed/zip tied/taped/etc. We do not provide weights.

No. The sale of merchandise is not permitted on the Community Stages.

No. No discounts of any sort are provided to community stage participants. We are already providing your parking and admission.

Yes. Due to high demand, applications are only accepted online. You will not be able to call, mail, email, or fax in applications.

For more questions email comm[email protected]