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Arizona State Fair Fun Pass

Arizona State Fair'S Fast Pass

Skip the Lines – and the Wait Time – with the AZ State Fair FunPass!

Waiting in line at the Arizona State Fair tickets is so last year… so for 2021, we’re debuting an exciting new upgrade: the AZSF FunPass app! Forget the hassle of paper tickets and long lines because all you’ll need is your smartphone and our app to get right to the good times.

The AZSF FunPass is the best way to experience AZSF 2021, granting you VIP access from the moment you arrive at the fairgrounds. And best of all, anyone can get it for free – here’s how:

    1. Download the FREE FunPass app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    2. Set up your account in seconds.
    3. Click “My Passes.”
    4. Buy your Arizona State Fair tickets.
    5. Done! Your AZSF 2021 tickets are on your phone and ready to go!

When you get to the fair, head straight to the gates, and we’ll scan the unique QR code on your phone screen. That’s it!

It’s the safe, smart, and contactless way to purchase your tickets and gain entry into the fair, saving you tons of time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your tickets because everything is stored on your phone. Share passes between family and friends, so you can streamline the ticket process and focus on fun.

Use the AZSF FunPass App to Skip the Ride Ticket Lines and More

We aren’t done yet – the FunPass app does more than just get you in the fair gates. Once you’re inside, keep using the app to purchase tickets for rides and games without ever standing in a single ticket line. Imagine how much more fun you can have when you don’t have to waste a single second waiting for tickets… talk about an epic State Fun experience!

Here’s how it works: whether you’re a ride-loving thrill-seeker, a champion of games, or a little bit of both, you’ll need tickets for each fair ride or game you want to try. Usually, that would mean waiting in line to purchase those tickets every time. But with FunPass, you can instantly get your tickets with just a few taps on your phone screen. Then just show, scan, and start the fun!

That’s a huge amount of time you’ll get back, so you can spend that much longer soaking up every last second of your AZSF experience. More rides, more games, and more memories, and all you’ll need is your phone and the AZSF FunPass.

Download the Arizona State Fair App Now to Be Ready for Opening Day 2021

We want your 2021 AZSF to be the best one yet, so we’re making big moves to deliver more fabulous fun than ever. This year, the Arizona State Fair is going digital with the FunPass app – and you can be among the first fairgoers to get the VIP-style experience that goes with it!

There’s always something new to discover at the Arizona State Fair, from the top of the sky-high Ferris Wheel to the front rows of exciting fair performances. Eat, drink, ride, and experience everything the fair has to offer – and do it all in tech-savvy style – with the AZSF FunPass app.

Download FunPass from the Apple App Store or Google Play to buy your tickets and start planning your visit to this year’s 2021 AZ State Fair today!